Tintunna Zatlon Edit

Tintunna is from the almost faded ledgandary clan Zatlon. She rules over the lands Of Zaltai and Chutai while the land of Yaltai is being ruled by Tailan Zatlon. Tintunna goes by the name of Tint.

when she was younger her mother Hinata Zatlon died from a Desease called Pannell Pain, Which is caught from eating or touching a perticular plant.(the effects this has on people is never descussed or noted). Tint was witness to her mothers death. Hinata told her daughter to become a great shinobi and become a great legend, make the Zatlon clan proud. before laying down and dieing. Tint was not perticularly close to her mother unlike her twin Tailan Zatlon.Tint's brother Dey Zatlon Disapeared one day when they were playing in the forest on Tint's castle grounds. Tint searched for hours before returning home in tears explaining that her brother had gone. her father Kimmaro went out to search for him and came back covered in blood and mud explaining that he found him and burried him in the forest. Tint who was deeply close to her brother broke down. Tint's father Kimmaro Zatlon, died from a stake to the heart. A parcel had arrived for Tint and he was delivering it when a huge metal pin from somewhere in the roof fell and stabbed him right through the heart. Tint was 7 at the Time. she came down and saw her fathers body and cried. later she cut her hair to cheek length makeing a mark to say that she did not feel comfortable in the Zatlon clan and does not wish to be identified by it.

Tint, at the age of 13 is a bright and powerful girl. her brown hair is waistlength and shes the beauty of the land of differences. the best shinobi in the village hidden in the mountains and sea. she and her friends Izumbie (Izumbie karakuri) (Izumbie mechanism), Kino Azurma and Orockimaru sensei, are as close as can be and all are great shinobi. at this Time Tint is a Chuunin, Izumbie is a Chuunin and Kino is a Genin. Tint has a weakness for Izumbie and Has a sort of anger towards Kino. Tint and her Sensei Orockimaru are close and apear to be like Father and Daughter. a Visitor to the village, Etsu hagar, even asked Orockimaru what age his daughter Tint was. Untill Tint goes off to Train with weapons master Utiago and returns calling him Master Utiago, asked Utiago if he would pretent to be her father just for a while. Utiago, having no children nor a wife agreed and said he'd take good care of her for ever. At that time Tint showed a longing to have her father and brother back as she started to call Kino's Little brother, Kazac Azurma, Little brother.

While Tint showed hatered towards Kino, after the short Timeskip where she goes off to train with Utiago and returns and sees Kino strong and handsome, she tells Izumbie that she doesn't hate Kino, but instead she has a feeling she describes as, Swifting, To show that she doesn't feel comfortable around him and that she thinks hes annoying. but secretly as we see after the second Timeskip, she has all along had a slight like for him, but does not wish to have a 'long term relationship' with Kino.

Tint was always close to Izumbie after she graduated at the age of 12 with 95% in her exam, thus she confided in Izumbie more than 20 times through out the arcs and fillers, especialy when she said that she wanted to go back in time and save her family. Thus creating the Saving the Zatlons arc. After the third Timeskip we see that Tint and Izumbie get married and have a child called Sasun Zatlon.

Tint and Orockimaru always had one perticular thing in common, they both have short temper. In one of the Filler arcs, Orockimaru-sensei's crime, Tint and Orockimaru have an argument but Orockimaru loses as Tint is stronger than Orockimaru and he didn't wish to be decapitated by her fists which one of Izumbie's dolls was holding back. despite being close after the third timeskip we find out that she nearly killed him after finding him peeping over the wall in the girls hot spring. thus she lost her respect for him and chose not to speak to him.

Tint acsidentily created the troublesom The Six Paths Of Tint, and The Crystal of Protection/Light/Power as well as The Crystal of Destruction/Shadows/Darkness. Madara Pain, somehow got the Crysatl of Destruction and used it to appose Tint and attept and fail, on many acasions to destroy the earth. Madara tried to send assasins to kill Tint beliving if he killed her he would be able to take the earth unapposed but Tint didn't tell Madara that her twin sister Tailan, has enough of Tints DNA to be able to control the Crystal of Power perfectly. Madara cannot unlock all of the power of The Crystal of Darkness, due to not being even slightly related to Tint. Tint's elder brother, Cashew Zatlon, may also be able to control the crystal, but this is never actuly confirmed. The six paths of Tint, were acsidentaly created when Tint was alone wondering what she'd be like if she was, Unreliable, Girly Girl, Annoying lay about, Nature obsessed and Confidentless. Then these 5 Tints apeared all with those personailty traits. Tint herself if the final memeber of the Six Paths Of Tint. Tint seals them away into her stomache, but they keep escapeing at terrible times.

Abblities, Personality and Achivements Edit


Tint's strongest justsu is Total Air Destruction, and her favourite is Shallow pool air fall no Jutsu which she uses sometimes to attract the oppisite sex, by combining it with Senbon with bells on them. she is perticularly good at water style jutsu and Taijutsu. while showwing very little skill in Genjutsu after the third timeskip she has created a brand new Genjutsu which is where she transforms into each special character from Severed hearts anime and useing their powers against her opponent. Orockimaru sensei says to the village protector, Etsu Yammono, I think someones going to surpass you some day soon. Tint becomes the first memeber of The legendary 8, but doesn't wish to become the village protector because she knows that Tailan will become it and doesn't want Tailan to be afraid of it. She shows exeptional skill with Tailan in tow at Senjutsu(sage art) with the serveral twin team ups, the most common is Twin fists of fury, which is where they store up increadable amounts of chakara up in their fists before hitting their enemy 50 times each creating 100 hits.


Tint is a strong willed person that enjoys simple plesures like sweet food and cool water. she cooks with increadable speed and her food tastes increadable and on one occasion she actuly did a food special. explaining how to cook her onion cakes.(which get that name by being shaped like onions). she has a habbit of being late and also falling asleep at awkward times. she shows skill in almost every thing she does and even at the saddest of times she still manages to smile. she shows a slight lust for blood after the second timeskip after saying to Kino "next time you annoy me i'll make sure you have no blood left.". she strives to protect all of her friends and whats left of her family. when the group shushino come in to action, Tint being a spy soon gets all the top information on them to help avoid anything. Tint nearly dies in Kibi's invasion but manages to pull through by healing herself.


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